China Mosaic Tiles


Made from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), China Mosaic Tiles are exceptional in their smoothness. These Tiles are embedded with multicolored stone chips and usually come in different designs. Along with flawless finish, China Mosaic Tiles have outstanding strength and are non-slippery; and that’s why are a permanent solution for leakage problems. Builders are extensively opting for them and the same is testified by the wide use of China Mosaic Tiles in commercial as well as government buildings.


Ideal For :

  • School building
  • Public parks
  • Commercial complexes

Product Details :

  • Inch : 10
  • Marble dana : Mixed colour
  • Minimum Order Quatity : 10000
  • Packaging Details : As per requirement and charges will be extra
  • Delivery Time : 30 days



  • Marble Navrangi Dana
  • Dolomite powder
  • Cement
  • Stone Crushed sand

Size Available : 10"x10" & 12"x12" (Thickness 25mm)